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Never Be Late Again.

LinkJoin helps you join meetings at exactly the right time, even when you forget.

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What is LinkJoin?

In our modern world, there's no need to lose track of links, search through your email for appointment details, or forget to join a meeting. Let LinkJoin handle the little things so you can focus on that important meeting instead.
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Auto-join Meetings

Meetings open automatically right on time, taking away the anxiety of being late.


Share Links

Share scheduled meetings to ensure that all participants get there on time.


Receive Reminders

Get a text reminder before your meeting, so you get back to your computer on time.

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More questions?

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Will my meeting open if I'm not at my computer?

It depends. If your computer is off or asleep, then your meeting will not open. But if your computer is turned on when the meeting is scheduled to open, then it will start on its own. To help with this, LinkJoin can send you text reminders between 5 and 60 minutes before your meeting.
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Will my camera/mic turn on automatically?

All meeting platforms require confirmation before fully entering the meeting. In web-based systems, you do not enter the meeting at all without confirming, and desktop-based systems require confirmation before enabling your microphone and camera. So no, you won't be caught off guard and thrown into a meeting at embarrassing moments.
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Why are my meetings not opening?

The most common reason for meetings not opening is popups being disabled. To enable popups in your browser, see the faq questions below. If popups are enabled and your meeting is still not opening, check that the switch on your link is flipped to blue. If your meetings still won't open automatically, please contact support at

[email protected]

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How do I enable pop-ups in Google Chrome?

Start by opening the Chrome settings by clicking on the three dots in the upper right. Select


, and navigate to the privacy and security tab. Select

Site settings

, scroll down, and click on

Pop-ups and redirects

. At the top, select

Sites can send pop-ups and use redirects

, and you're all good to go!
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How do I enable popups in FireFox?

Start by clicking the hamburger menu at the top right corner and selecting


. Navigate to the

Privacy & Security

tab, and scroll down to the permissions section. Uncheck the box labeled

Block pop-up windows

, and you're all set!
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How do I enable popups in Safari?

Press ⌘-, to open Safari settings. Find and click on the


tab at the top, and scroll down to the

Pop-up windows

section on the left at the very bottom. Select it, and change the select menu titled

When visiting other websites

on the bottom right to


. Then, you're all set!
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Does LinkJoin work on mobile?

Due to restrictions on mobile devices, links will


automatically open on mobile. However, your links are still fully accessible, and can be opened by clicking on the link.